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Magic Island

Magic Island, officially known as Aina Moana, is a small man-made peninsula located within Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, Hawaii. This area has become a beloved part of the park, attracting both locals and tourists for a variety of outdoor activities.

History and Creation

Magic Island was constructed in the late 1960s and was originally intended to be the site of a luxury resort. However, these plans were never realized, and the area was instead turned over to the city to become part of Ala Moana Beach Park.

Features of Magic Island

Beach and Lagoon

Magic Island boasts a lagoon with calm waters, making it an ideal spot for families and novice swimmers. The protected swimming area is perfect for wading and water play, and there are also open ocean swimming opportunities along the outer beach.

Recreational Activities

  • Picnicking: The grassy areas and picnic tables make it a popular picnic location.
  • Jogging and Walking: A paved path surrounding the peninsula is frequently used by joggers and walkers, offering stunning views of the ocean and Waikiki skyline.
  • Sunset Views: It is a prime spot for watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, with Diamond Head in the distance.
  • Water Sports: The calm waters are suitable for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and other non-motorized water sports.
  • Fishing: The rock walls around Magic Island are known spots for fishing enthusiasts.


Magic Island is a hub for various events, including:

  • Cultural Festivals: Throughout the year, festivals and cultural events celebrate Hawaii’s diverse heritage.
  • Exercise Classes: The area is often used for outdoor fitness classes, such as yoga or tai chi.
  • Fireworks Displays: It is a prime viewing location for fireworks, especially during the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Conservation and Maintenance

Efforts are made to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of Magic Island. Trash bins are provided throughout the area, and visitors are encouraged to leave no trace to protect the environment.


Magic Island is easily accessible from the main areas of Ala Moana Beach Park. There is a parking lot specifically for visitors to Magic Island, though it can fill up quickly on weekends and holidays. The peninsula is also accessible via a pedestrian bridge that connects it to the rest of Ala Moana Beach Park.

Visitor Tips

  • Arrive Early: To secure parking and a good spot for a picnic or day at the beach, it’s best to arrive early, especially on weekends and holidays.
  • Bring Sun Protection: With limited shade, sun hats, sunscreen, and umbrellas are recommended for protection against the strong Hawaiian sun.
  • Check for Events: Before planning a visit, check if there are any events that might impact the availability of space or parking.


Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park serves as a versatile recreation area with something for everyone, from serene beach outings to lively community gatherings. Whether seeking an active day out or a peaceful evening watching the sunset, Magic Island provides a picturesque slice of Hawaiian life against the backdrop of Honolulu’s urban landscape.

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